Across Cyprus


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  • Historical Links with the past
  • Famagusta and first impressions of Cyprus
  • To Salamis
  • To the monastery and tomb of st. barnabas
  • the Carpas and monastery of St ANdrew
  • In and around Nicosia
  • The Cyprus Museum and Khirokitia
  • Fairs and oranges
  • Larnaca
  • Stavrovouni
  • Limassol
  • Kouklia nad Paphos
  • St Neophytos
  • Khrysorroyiatissa and Kykkos
  • Lefka
  • Kyrenia and Bellapaise
  • Fairy Castles

“[…] Others I noticed, who while standing chatting to each other outside their doors or strolling up the street, were busy spinning silk, using little wooden hand spinning-wheels. Kakopetria is an important centre for the silk industry in Cyprus, and silkworms laid out on long shelves, feeding on the leaves of young plane trees, which have to be renewed everyday, entailing considerable work. I was told that the worms had been hatched for some time, and in about a week they would begin to spin their cocoons. Meanwhile they have to be kept warm, otherwise they would quickly die, so a small stove is kept burning, should the weather be cold. In order to hasten the hatching of the eggs, the women often place them in little bags which they wear beneath their bodices, keeping them there in the warmth until the worms are hatched out. When they have spun the silk from the cocoons, the women weave it themselves, and what they do not use for their own garments they sell in large quantities to the towns. My interest in their work appeared to please them, for they all crowded round me and asked if I was English. Everywhere I went in Cyprus I encountered a most friendly spirit among peasants. […]”

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