Archangel a Novel




What happens when you’re faced with a deal too good to be true? If you’re almost-broke DC art dealer Juliana Petrescu, you may be willing to turn a blind eye to the questionable provenance of centuries-old relics. Are the benefits on a transaction that may appear harmless worth the risk? The antiquities business is not always as it seems. Shades of gray often color backroom deals. The rewards can be great and the temptations test the morals of even the most stalwart.

Juliana Petrescu becomes involved in the sale of mosaics from Cyprus. But all is not as it appears with the Byzantine icons, and Juliana discovers that within those venerated tiles, lies a world of danger, intrigue, obsession and mysticism. Her adventure propels her across the globe and into the path of Father Petros Nicodemus, the fiery Abbot looking to reclaim the mosaics for the Church of Cyprus.

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Dimensions 23 × 15 × 1.7 cm






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