Art Antique de Chypre – Du Bronze Moyen à l’Époque Byzantine au Cabinet des Médailles


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The exhibition of the Foundation’s coin collection at the Cabinet des Médailles of the National Library of France in 1994 coincided with the display of 72 works of ancient Cypriot art ranging from the middle Bronze Age to the 7th century AD from the permanent collection housed in the National Library of France. The catalogue of this supplementary exhibition enabled French specialists to present important Cypriot works of art and gave visitors the opportunity to discover ancient Cypriot art and its development over the centuries. The edition is prefaced by the then chairman of the National Library of France Jean Favier, eminent numismatist Michel Amandry and the chairman of the Cultural Foundation Andreas Patsalides. In the introductory texts by two leading specialists in Cypriot archaeology, Vassos Karageorghis gives a survey of contemporary Cypriot archaeology and Olivier Masson, Director of Studies at the École Pratique des Hautes Études, deals with the history of the Cypriot collection at the Cabinet des Médailles. Joint publication of the BOCCF and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

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