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BEYOND COMPARE is the third and last in a trilogy of books by Sheila Hawkins and follows her two bestsellers, THE BACK OF BEYOND and BEYOND OUR DREAMS.

The reader is taken back to the undivided Cyprus of 1971 where colourful scenes of old Limassol, together with some of its unforgettable characters, are portrayed alongside beautiful and detailed descriptions of the north of the island.
The agony of the1974 invasion is captured, and following the evacuation of British families, Sheila and Harry pick up the threads of life in England again. A few years later fate steps in and hands out another posting to Cyprus.
During this second tour they come to know and love the Akamas, and acquire the piece of land on which they subsequently build their home.
Full of warmth and humour, this powerful personal account, magnificently illustrated by Harry Hawkins, clearly shows the author’s great love for the island, its people and wildlife.

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