British Colonial Architecture in Cyprus. The Architecture of the British Colonial Administration 1878-1960 [Paperback]


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“Over fifty years since British rule in Cyprus ended is a good time to access the Colonial Administration’s built environment legacy on the island and its effects on subsequent development. This book deals with the buildings, town planning, urban design and infrastructure works procured by the British Colonial Administration in Cyprus during the period 1878-1960, , through their Public Works Department, their agents in Britain or through commissioning architects, engineers and other professionals from Britain, British colonies or Cypriots in private practice. It does not include those buildings commissioned and built for private Cypriot individuals, organisations and establishments where there was no involvement of the British Administration. This category would require an extensive, separate study, However, the influence of indigenous Cypriot architecture on British colonial architecture and the influence of the later or subsequent Cypriot buildings and development patterns is an integral part of this book. Comparisons with the contemporary architecture of Britain, other British colonies and continental Europe are made where appropriate. Relevant connections are indicated. The most significant or epresentative buildings and works of the colonial period are covered. This does not purport to be a complete list of everything built. The purpose of this book is to define and engender an understanding of the essence of the British Colonial architecture, town planning and developmentin Cyprus. It tooks at the approaches used, the purposes and intentions underlying the architecture and town planning shed light on the relationship between the British Colonial Administration and the Cypriots living on the island during this period. The book can therefore be read by a wider audience who want to know more about what physycal structures can tell us about history, colonialism, power and decision making.” – PREFACE

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