Christian Art in the Turkish – Occupied Part of Cyprus


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“The systematic destruction of the cultural heritage of Cyprus and, in particular, of its Orthodox Christian churches began immediately after the Turkish invasion on 20 July 1974. The Turkish army of occupation looted and desecrated the Church of the Virgin Mary (Panagia Glykiotissa) in Kyrenia and converted ot into a mosque. Turkish – Cypriot newspapers published photographs of Turkish soldiers praying inside it. In this way, the Turkish army was revealing its intentions from the outset: there was a mosque in Kyrenia which they could have used. The desecration of the church and its conversion into a mosque was only the beginning. […]”

Through this publication, Athanasios Papageorghiou presents ninety four byzantine churches which are located in the occupied part of the island of Cyprus. Each monument is presented seperately and as thorougly as possible. The descriptions include historical details concerning the monument, architectural references, an outline of the iconographical system – before and after the desecration – and a great amount of photographs. A bibliography follows each description.

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