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Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Cypriote Studies, Brussels-Liège,17-19 May,1993
Conference organized by the “Groupe de Contact interuniversitaire d’études chypriotes”/”Interuniversitaire contactgroep voor Cyprische Studies”, F.N.R.S./N.F.W.O. (Belgium)
178pp. L plates
Four themes were chosen for this conference on Cypriot sculpture: origins and development, techniques and materials, foreign relations and iconography, and the papers generally follow a chronological order. Karageorghis provides a general introduction to the development of Cypriot stone sculpture, and this is followed by 19 papers (in English, French and German) of varied content. The chronological range is from the Aceramic Neolithic to the Roman period. Anthropomorphic figurines of the Neolithic are surveyed by Le Brun and Bronze Age plank figures by Lubsen-Admiraal. Merrillees discusses the carvings in the dromos of Karmi-Palealona Tomb 6 and Åström a relief-decorated stone basin fragment from Hala Sultan Tekke. For later period material individual reports cover the sculptures from Kition, Kouklia, Nea Paphos, Marion, Amathus and Miletus. Other presentations are concerned with subjects such as temple boys and the motivation for the dedication of sculptures. Indexes: I. subjects and names; II. museums and collections; III. chronology.

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