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Proceedings of the First International Conference of Cypriote Studies, Brussels-Liège-Amsterdam, 29 May-1 June 1989
Conference organized by the “Groupe de Contact interuniversitaire d’ études chypriotes”/”Interuniversitaire contactgroep voor Cyprische Studies”, F.N.R.S./N.F.W.O. (Belgium)

This volume contains 25 papers in English and French concerned with the coroplastic art of Cyprus, both artifacts found in Cyprus and Cypriot artifacts found abroad. Chronologically the papers range from the Chalcolithic to the Hellenistic period. Karageorghis provides a general introduction to the coroplastic art of Cyprus as a whole. Topics of prehistoric date include the Chalcolithic ritual deposit found at Kissonerga-Mosphilia, Early and Middle Bronze Age furniture models and the Late Bronze Age terracottas found at Hala Sultan Tekke. One paper surveys the terracottas of the Cypro-Geometric period. More thematic studies of the terracottas of the later periods treat subjects such as chariot models, musicians, foreign influence, terracotta workshops, continuity and change and information to be derived from the figurines concerning various aspects of everyday life. Several papers are also concerned with terracottas from specific sites such as Kourion, Marion and Lindos. Extensive index.

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