Cyprus 2500 Years of Cartography


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The history of maps, like the history of CYprus, is so ancient that it is not possible to define clearly its origins. Map making was exercised in one form or another by all primitive peoples, who kept “notes” as records of places they visited and the ways there and back. But it was 2500 or more years ago when travellers around the Mediterranean began to discover that their primitive charts could be improved by taking into account the developong sciences of astronomy and mathematics. Over the last 2500 years, map making flkourished best during periods of culture and the dominant centres of map production have almost always followed sea-power. Greece, Italy, Holland, France and Britain have each in turn dominated map making when at the height of their maritime power. Cyprus has always been a favourite subject for cartographers and its cartography has followed closely the history of map making right from its very begining. Owing to its stragetic position between the three continents  of Europe, Asia and Africa, its geography  and cartography was of as much importance as its possession by rival powers at different times. In other words, its cartography developed along with its history.

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