Cyprus and the Sea



Proceedings of the International Symposium Cyprus and the Sea

Frost, Honor – Harbours and Proto-Harbours; Early Levantine Engineering

Steffy, J. Richard – Shipwreck Archaeology. An Essential Medium for Interpreting Ancient Ship Construction

Murray, William M. – Ancient Sailing Winds in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Case for Cyprus

Lo Schiavo, Fulvia – Cyprus and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Trade Routes toward the West

Karageorghis, Vassos – Trade relations between Cyprus, the Aegean and the central Mediterranean during the late Bronze Age

Lolos, Yannos G. – Late Cypro-Mycenaean Seafaring: New Evidence from Sites in the Saronic and the Argolic Gulfs

Hadjisavvas, Sophocles – Cyprus and the Sea: The Archaic and Classical Periods

Basch, Lucien – La rentrée des coques dans l’antiquité: Exemples à Chypre à l’époque archaïque

Yon, Marguerite – Kition et la mer a l’epoque classique et hellénistique

Empereur, Jean-Yves – Le port hellénistique d’Amathonte

Raban, Avner – The Heritage of Ancient Harbour Engineering in Cyprus and the Levant

Hohlfelder, Robert L. – Ancient Paphos Beneath the Sea: A Survey of the Submerged Structures

Michaelides, Demetrios – Cyprus and the Persian Gulf in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods: The Case of Pinctada margaritifera

Leonard, John R. – Evidence for Roman Ports, Harbours and Anchorages in Cyprus

Bakirtzis, Charalambos – The Role of Cyprus in the Grain Supply of Constantinople in the Early Christian Period

Coureas, Nicholas – Western Merchants and the Ports of Cyprus up to 1291

Aristidou, Ekaterini – Trade and Port Development in Cyprus during the Latin Period

Aristidou, Ekaterini – Trade and Port Movement in Cyprus during Turkish Occupation (1571-1878)

Pouradier Duteil-Loizidou, Anna – L’échelle de Larnaca: Navigation et commerce française à la fin du 17e siècle

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