Cyprus in Transition 1960 – 1985


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Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, as million of British tourists can testify. Its people are hospitable and its economy prosperous; its culture and its artistic heritage are in many respects unique in the modern world. Yet in the last two thousand years it has enjoyed only a generation of independence, now threatened by its position at a focal point of international rivalry. Twelve years ago it underwent invasion which left it effectively partioned.

Cyprus in Transition brings together a number of studies of different aspects of the problems now facing the island. The writers are experts on their special themes. Two of them are former British High Commissioners in Nicosia, another, before becoming Chief of the Defence Staff, a Field Marshal and a Peer, commanded peacekeeping forces there. Nancy Crawshaw and C. M. Woodhouse have been closely concerned with Greek and Cypriot political affairs for many years and have written important books on the subject. Of the four academic writers who have contributed two are British and two are American; US Senator Paul Sarbanes provides an eloquent introduction.

This book does not put forward a miraculous solution of the Cyprus problem but it will be of great value to all who wish to understand it.

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John T. A. Koumoulides


Field Marshal Lord Carver, Nancy Crawshaw, A. J. R. Groom, Sir David Hunt, Ellen B. Laipson, Hon. Sir Peter Ramsbotham, Hon. Paul S. Sarbanes, Hon. C. M. Woodhouse, Roger Zetter



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