Cyprus: Nationalism and International Politics


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Chapter I of this book places the Cyprus problem in its international context. It reviews the development of the interests of the imperial powers in relation to Cyprus, and shows how they have intersected since the beginning of British rule with indigenous political movements. Chapter II traces the development of Greek “European nationalism” in Cyprus, and explains the reasons for its intensification and eruption into violence in the nineteen fifties. Its specific characteristics as a nationalist movement are explained by the social characteristics of its leaders and its internal opponents. Chapter III looks at the reasons for the late development of Turkish “European nationalism” on Cyprus. The Fourth Chapter is about the increasing autonomy of Cyprus from Greece, and the development of “regionalist” differences between the Greek Cypriots and Greece, particularly after 1963. Chapter V examines the problems of power sharing between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots and the difficulties in coming to an agreed constitutional settlement after 1968. Chapter VI examines the difficulties of the Greek Cypriot political forces in facing an ideological renunciation of Hellenic nationalism. Chapter VII and VIII look at the coup by the Greek military dictatorship in July 1974 and the succeeding invasion by Turkish forces and the implications of the continuing occupation of a large part of the island by Turkey.

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