Cyprus Pen Review No. 1



Andreas Sophocleous, “Literary Creation in Cyprus and Its Historical-Geographical Background”
Costas Montis, Selections from Moments , “Fragmentaires”
Costas Michaelides, “Hellenism in the Outpost of Cyprus”
Kyriacos Charalambides, “Winged Sun”
Louis Perentos, “Frustrations of a Small Townsman”
Theoclis Kouyialis, “The Dog Who Stopped Barking”
George Philippou Pierides, “Miniatures”
Klitos Ioannides, “City of Eros”
Christakis Georghiou, “The Theatre in Cyprus, 1974-84”
Andreas Christophides, “The Wound”, “Evening in the Hague”, “Dawn in the Hague”, “London”, “Sepulchral”
Irena Adamidou-Ioannidou, “The Shepherd”
Kypros Chrysanthis, “Les Poetes”, “Chypre”, “Les Colombes”
Claire Angelidou, “Crois”
Andreas Christophides, “The Poetry of Costas Montis”
Niki Ladaki-Philippou, “The Virgin of the Steps”
Klitos Ioannides, “Literary Criticism”
Rina Katselli, “Blue Whale”
Pitsa Galazi, “Signalmen P. 35”
Petros Stylianou, “Coincidence”
Theodoros Marsellos, “The Pale Woman”
Costas Kyrris, “Ascertainments”
Panos Ioannides, “The Beehives”
Nicos Orphanides, “Hours in Nicosia”
Ianthe Theocharidou, “Cypriot Chronicle I”
Nearchos Georgiades, “This Is Love, Not a Joke”
Evridiki Perikleous, “Without Heroes”
Vera Korfioti, “Poetry”
Nadina Demetriou, “March”
Christos Karmios, “Ton Amour”
Nayia Roussou, “Personae et Terra”

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Nayia Roussou


David Bailey, Gaston-Henry Aufrère, Rachel Dalvin, Robert S. Zelenka, Diana Markides, Mary Ioannides, Amaranth Sitas, Charles Dodd, Amy Mims, Philippos Philippides



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