Excavations in the Necropolis of Salamis, Vol. 1: Text and Plates, Folding Plans and Sections



The archaeological material which has been brought to light in the Necropolis of Salamis during the six years of excavations by the Department of Antiquities (1962-1967) has not only enriched the collections of the Cyprus Museum with important and valuable objects, but has also increased considerably our knowledge of the archaeology of Salamis in particular and the whole of Cyprus in general.

The present first volume on the Necropolis is the third in the series of publications which deal with the results of the excavations by the Department of Antiquities in the region of Salamis (the first two, published in 1964 and 1966 respectively, describe the sculptures found in the city site of Salamis). It describes six built tombs of monumental architecture. Their dromoi have produced evidence for funerary customs which are of a unique character and of capital importance for the study of Aegean and Near Eastern archaeology.

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