Four Thousand Years Of Images On Cypriote Pottery: Proceedings of the Third International Conference of Cypriote Studies, Nicosia, 3-4 May, 1996


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Conference organised by the Universities of Cyprus (Archaeological Research Unit), Brussels (Vrije Universiteit), Liège, Lyon (Maison de L’Orient Meditérranéen) and the A. G.Leventis Foundation.
Sixteen scholars from Cyprus, various European countries and the USA participated in this conference on the ceramic art of ancient Cyprus. The communications published in this volume (in English and French) cover a broad chronological range from the Neolithic to the Roman period. Three papers (by Åström, Cauber/ Merrilees and Herscher) are devoted to the Neolithic to Middle Bronze Age period. Two contributions (by Steel and Yon) treat different aspects of the ceramics of the Late Bronze Age. These are followed by a paper by Iacovou which is concerned with figurative representations on eleventh century B.C Cypriote pottery. The second half of the volume contains nine papers (by Karageorghis, Nys, Kourou, Hermary, Cassimatis, Vandenabeele, Michaelides and Laffineur) on ceramics of the Iron Age to the Roman period. Their subject matter includes pictorial style decoration, vases with anthropomorphic askoi, Magenta Ware and the Amathus style. The originality of ancient Cypriote art is perhaps best known from its ceramics, and the study of the exuberant character of Cypriote ceramics and the tendency of the Cypriote potter to use human and animal elements in the decoration of vessels leads to a better understanding of the art of ancient Cyprus and its culture in general; it also provides evidence of interconnections in the Mediterranean and the relationship of Cyprus with her neighbours.

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