George Vassiliou: Reflections on the Past and the Future



“Divided we shall fail. United we can succeed.” These words by the former President of Cyprus, George Vassiliou, encapsulate the position he sets out in this book, underlining the crucial importance to the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots of being united politically within the framework of a federal state.

In a lively dialogue, George Vassiliou and the academic Niyazi Kızılyürek comment and express their views on various issues relating to the past and the future of Cyprus. Starting with George Vassiliou’s childhood memories, the discussion follows in the footsteps of modern Cypriot history, shedding light on topics such as the Greek Cypriots’ desire for Enosis (union with Greece), bicommunal relations, the founding of the Republic of Cyprus, the 1974 coup and invasion, the establishment of the University of Cyprus and the Greek Cypriots’ “resounding ‘No'” in the 2004 referendum. Cyprus, a country that has been drowning in abnormality for half a century, today finds itself teetering between a federal solution and consolidation of the status quo.

For George Vassiliou there is only one way to escape this dilemma. He stresses the importance of reuniting Cyprus as a federal state, noting that “Divided we shall fail. United we can succeed.”

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