Gregory and Other Stories

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A collection of twelve award winning short stories and novellas inspired by the turbulent history of Cyprus from Homeric times to the present. “Panos Ioannides has recorded an important chapter in Modern Greek letters. He is one of the avant-garde in the field of prose and playwriting, introducing innovations to literature. He has worked in all literary genres: poetry, prose and playwriting. With his plays Panos Ioannides has contributed to the consolidation of the theatrical art in Cyprus. His literary works draws its inspiration from the history of the country but is animated at the same time by an ecumenical and contemporary spirit. The language he uses, without lyrical adornment, plain and lucid, conveys the inner conflicts of his heroes by revealingthe contradictory aspects of life, the hidden depth of reality and truth. The pithy style, balanced dialectic of time and place, faultless technique and psychological probing of his heroes are the chief virtues of his writing. He has been honoured with various distinctions.”

Excerpt from the citaion for the Award in Excellence in Letters, Arts, and Sciences bestowed to the writer by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos in 2008

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