History of Cyprus with an Introduction to the Geography of Cyprus



A one-volume, comprehensive, scholarly and reliable History of Cyprus from the Prehistoric Times to the Present Day written in English, which at the same time provides a fluent narrative suitable for the layman. Every paragraph is based on exhaustive original research and wide reading of sources, as well as old and recent secondary literature in many languages. The fundamental bibliography of each subject is given at the end of each paragraph or occasionally in the middle. So the continuity of the narrative is not broken and both the scholar and the non-scholarly reader are offered an enjoyable text, whereas the scholar is provided with materials for further reading and research. The combination of first-rate scholarship with popularization is one of the significant originalities of the book. Equally important is the balanced, authoritative and competent treatment of all periods of the History of Cyprus from the oldest times to the most recent developments. No aspect of the History of Cyprus has been neglected in this volume. With equal responsibility, bibliographic equipment and profound knowledge of sources it covers the whole spectrum of Cypriot life, society, institutions, culture, military, social and political events from the Ayia Anna and the Khirokitia settlements (10.000 and 7000 B. C. respectively) to the proximity talks for the solution of the Cyprus problem in New York (September-November 1984). No doubt this is a major achievement of Greek scholarship and a memorable work, which all those connected with Cyprus’s past, present and future will find an invaluable addition to their knowledge and an indispensable tool for the sound understanding of recent and current events and problems in this part of the Mediterranean.

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