Hyper Links. Κύπρος 2004. Cyprus 2004. Kibris 2004


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” The exhibition Hyperlinks, co-organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation, is presented within the framework of international festival “Kypria 2004″, as a constitution, with highquality visual events accompanying and supporting the traditionally expresive character of Kypria. ” – Dr Eleni Nikita, Director of Cultural Services, Ministry of Education and Culture ” While the world is gradually reducing itself to a village where everyone is taken by the instinct of communication and the need to feel linked, connected with the othe, the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation, in its policy of supporting Cypriot artistic creation, felt obliged to offer a platform of expression to those creators who draw inspiration from their time, in order to reveal with humour but also sincerity the marks of their heritage and the topicality of their environment in motion and seeking to initiate one or more alternative forms of dialogue. Contemporary artistic expression thanks mainly to the new methods of expression the artist has at his disposal, enables him to stage his work by establishing a set of special relations between the object and the architectual space, urging the spectator to become conscious of his integration into the scene which is created. The works that are presented here in this exceptional exhibition are in the image of our world: fragmented rather than a single body, it is a puzzle of extremely varied behaviours and conceptions which break with the concept of aesthetics but evoke all the extent and freedom henceforth acquired by vocabulary and, moreover, the language of the artist, who is simultaneously a spectator, an actor, sometimes a profaner of a world in search for identity but also of dialogue with the other. The Lanitis Foundatuion is proud to highlight this need for expression of a purely contemporary Cypriot existentialism and of giving voice  to a generation of creators whose works here are nothing more, nor less, than the reflection of the concerns of a multi-faceted society trying to mark, to assert its place in a global world. ” – Catherine Louis Nikita, Art Historian, Director of The Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Centre

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