In the Same Place


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We are very pleased to be hosting in the Cyprus Museum’s permanent exhibition halls the exhibition
titled ‘In the Same Place’, with works of the acclaimed artist Katerina Attalidou. The exhibition title
can be read in different ways, since it denotes, amongst other things, the coexistence of Attalidou’s
watercolour paintings with selected exhibits in the Cyprus Muscum, as well as her physical presence in
the same place where the exhibits were discovered. Through eighty-six watercolour paintings that have
been incorporated within and beside the museum’s exhibition cases, visitors are invited to appreciate
the uniqueness of each landscape. The natural, the archaeological and the historical dimensions of each
place are projected, reminding us how special and truly valuable the island’s natural elements are. The
exhibition masterfully but delicately brings the landscape to the forefront, inviting us to consider how
our natural surroundings have determined the course of the island’s history and how vital they are for
studying and understanding past and present societies.

Dr. Marina Solomonidou-Ieronymidou

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