International Symposium on Political Geography



C. G. Tornaritis, “Federal Problems of Cyprus”

L. E. Shuck, Jr., “Dark Passages: Hazards Implicit in Multi-Ethnic Communities with Weak Federal Linkage Systems”

P. Storrie, “The Importance of Integrated Planning and Strong Central Government in Cyprus”

O. Yiangoullis, “Political Expediency: An Undervaluation of the Human Factor”

M. Attalides, “Relations between Greeks and Turkish Cypriots in Perspective”

P. Y. Péchoux, “The Swiss Case and Comparisons with Cyprus”

A. Cl. Sophocleous, “Political Geography and the Cyprus Problem: A Regional Approach”

N. Katritzke, “Changes of Geopolitical Conditions Leading to the Last Stage of the Cyprus Conflict”

L. Mylona, “Displacement of People and Psychosocial Consequences”

S. Poulopoulos, “Problems and Implications Arising from the Geographical Position of Cyprus”

E. Kolodny, “Recent Population Evolution and Community Pattern of Settlements in Eastern Mediterranean Islands – The Case of Cyprus, Crete and the Aegean Islands”

C. P. Kyrris, “Symbiotic Elements in the History of the Two Communities of Cyprus”

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