Kypris The Aphrodite Of Cyprus – Ancient Sources And Archaeological Evidence


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This book is the result of many years of research about the origin of the cult of the Goddess of fertility in Cyprus from the Prehistoric period onwards, when the Goddess developed as Astarte-Aphrodite. The author puts forward a very interesting theory about the adoption of Aphrodite by the Achaean Greeks and her ascent to Mount Olymbus at the beginning of the 12th century B.C. – The book contains numerous references to ancient Greek and Latin authors and to inscriptions and representations of the Goddess found throughout Cyprus. The text (269 pages and 329 illustrations) contains also a lengthy and up to date bibliography. The author of the book collaborated over several years with the program of the Cyprus Tourist Organization “Aphrodite’s Cultural Route”, which uncovered vestiges of the cult of the Goddess in various museums and archeological sites and included visits to natural spots throughout the island, connected with the myth of Aphrodite.

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