Maistrotramountana. A Kyrenia Sea Story


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‘Yet this sea, this beautiful sea, is not to be trifled with. If it gets angry and suddenly and unexpectedly begins to foam, the waves whipped up by the tramountana rise up, break out in the open sea and crash furiously down onto the rocks, which wince and howl with pain, then ride over the jetties, the foot of the lighthouse and the surrounding roads and burst into the harbour, whose mouth lies open to the full force of the tramountana. At times like this no vessel can escape its fury, no matter whether it is inside or outside the harbour. It is sheer hell, and yet incredibly majestic.’

In Andreas Keleshis’ gripping novel, set in the Kyrenia of the 1950s, a boy and his father are caught at sea in the fury of maistrotramountana. Their fate rests on their courage and a knowledge of the sea passed down through generations.

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