Moussik ( 1st Edition 1974)


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When the paths of Moussik, a cheeky brigand of a cat, and Drusilla, a snooty, prize winning Persian, cross, a head on crash can be expected. Moussik, a young and eager member of the Supermarket Gang is sent to infiltrate a suburban district where he is to pose as a house cat and organise a campaign for food and aid for sick and needy members of the Gang on the other side of town. He sets about it with cunning and feline psychology. Passing himself off as the Vice President of the AFPA (Aid for Poorer Animals) a purely imaginary organisation, and helped by a scatty Pekinese called Chi Min Foo, he calls on cats and dogs in the area, armed with a collecting box and a smooth line in patter, but with little success.

Abandoning his first scheme he works out another plan involving the kidnapping og who else Drusilla. The resulting adventures of both Moussik and Drusilla are exciting and funny.

The whole book is a rip-roaring rompo with a host of likeable animals – chief among them Moussik with his sly sense of humor and down to earth logic and Chi Min Foo, hounded by constant worries – an unlikely ally for a scheming alley cat. And in the background Mr T pulls a few strings of his own, as the only human in the book who really understands cats

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