Proceedings of an International Symposium “The Civilizations of the Aegean and their Diffusion in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean 2000 – 600 B.C.”, 18 – 24 September 1989


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  • Κ. Δεσποτόπουλος, “Η Κύπρος και το Ελληνικό Πνεύμα”
  • Henri Van Effenterre, “Reflexions sur le Systeme Palatial dans l’ Orient Mediterraneen”
  • P. Warren, “The Destruction of the Palace of Knossos”
  • E.K. Mantzourani and A.J. Theodorou, “An Attempt to Delineate the Sea-Routes between Crete and Cyprus during the Bronze Age” – with an Apendix of Catalogue of Cypriot Finds in Crete
  • V.L. Aravantinos, “Agricultural Production and Subsistence Economy in Cyprus during the Late Cypriot II Period”
  • J. Bouzek, “Cyprus and Europe: Bronze and Early Iron Ages”
  • A. Xenaki-Sakellariou, “Echos Myceniens dans l’Art Chypriote”
  • Robin Hagg, “Sacred Horns and Naiskoi. Remarks on Aegean Religious Symbolism in Cyprus”
  • J. Schafer, “The Role of  ‘Gardens’ in Minoan Civilisation”
  • Antonino di Vita, “Chypre dans les Depots Votifs de Athana Ialisia”
  • V. Karageorghis, “The End of the Late Bronze Age in Cyprus”
  • A. Mazar, “Comments on the Nature of the Relations between Cyprus and Palestine during the 12th-11th Centuries B.C.”
  • Adnan Bounni, “La Syrie, Chypre et l’Egee d’Apres les Fouilles de Ras Ibn Hani”
  • Nota Kourou, “Aegean Orientalizing versus Oriental Art: The Evidence of Monsters”
  • N.J. Richardson, “Homer and Cyprus”
  • H. Kyrieleis, “The Relations between Samos and the Eastern Mediterranean. Some Aspects”

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