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When President Rabbitman’s late night root beer, drunk in front of the roaring Rabbitman Room fire, in the heart of the Gold House, is interrupted by an unexpected visitor, the president is understandably miffed. When the intruder tells him he is there to collect on a debt, Rabbitman is furious. Not since the re-founding of the Federacy has its fluffy leader been treated so disrespectful. Very rude. Very very rude.

And, with the smell of sulphur in the air, can it really be true the president only became the most important rabbit in the world by selling his soul to the devil?

Meanwhile in Englandshire, the poster boy for the CTRL: Right movement, Mr Floppy, has his own problems. Having gone to bed at home with his usual mug of cocoa, and a quick wank under the bed sheets to help him sleep, he wakes to find himself a patient in an unusual mental health ward. As he tries to explain he is not with the NHS, the doctor starts a novel treatment to cure Mr Floppy of his chronic imbecility.

But perhaps it will take divine intervention to really cure the world of creatures like Rabbitman, Mr Floppy and their brown-nosed sycophant, Balloonhead.

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