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” Seeing things has always been an acquired art, whether in the mind’s eye or in the world at large. Visual information or noise is almost inescapable. And the skilled (or inspired) artist selects a paper-thin slice out of the spectrum and makes us see through its surface into the essential nature of things. In her act of composition, Padgett’s eye constantly makes judgments and comments on the environment with mindfulness. Her use of colours conjoins elements in her photographs through juxtaposition. Laura Padgett’s work captures the mood, the hidden atmosphere of places and objects she photographs. By honing in on detail and what appears to be rather ordinary she creates a sense of surprise, of the unexpected and seemingly mundane suddenly becoming relevant in some inexplicable way. Above all there is a seductive desire on our part to enter the world she so sparingly reveals. We catch a glimpse of the ankle and want to see the whole body! Her images awaken desire and curiosity – an interest even – to engage in a conversation with the artist. […] “

– Garo Kehayan. Director, Pharos Contemporary Art

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