The Agha’s Children: A Cypriot Armenian Dynasty



The Agha’s Children traces the adventurous history of the Eramian dynasty in Cyprus over the last two hundred and fifty years.

Around the middle of the eighteenth century, in the face of Ottoman oppression of the Armenians, Stepan Eramian Agha bought land in Cyprus for his second son, Boghos-Berge, and sent him away from the family’s ancestral estate in Turkey. Although life was safer on the island, this, too, was a troubled land. The stories of the Agha’s descendants are tales of love and hatred, cruelty and compassion, murder, piracy, slavery, tragedies and triumphs. Through it all the family survived and prospered and the Agha’s decision to move to Cyprus secured the future of his line when so many perished in the genocide of the Armenians.

The accounts in this book of the lives of the Eramian family members are based on the memories and traditions of their descendants, many of whom live in Cyprus to this day.

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