The Annual of the British School at Athens, No. XXXVII, Session 1963-37




  • A.Andrews, Athens and Aegina 510-480B.C.
  • C.W.Blegen, New Evidence for Dating the Settlements at Troy
  • A.W.Brogger, The Vikings of the Mediterranean and the Vikings of the North
  • S. Casson, An Unfinished Colossal Statue at Naxos
  • V.G.Childe, Neolithic Black Ware in Greece and on the Danube
  • G.M.Crowfoot, Of the Warp-weighted Loom
  • R.M.Dawkins, The Process of Tradition in Greece
  • P.Dikaios, An Iron Age Painted Amphora in the Cyprus Museum
  • V. Dumitrescu, Sur la Date Finale de la Civilisation Eneolithique du Type Gumelnita, de Roumanie
  • T.J.Dunbabin, Έχθρη παλαίη
  • R.Dussaud, Coupe de Bronze Chypro-phenicienne Trouvee en Grece
  • H.J.Fleure, Rough Stone Monuments in Western Europe
  • H.Frankfort, Notes on the Creatan Griffin
  • D.A.E. Garrod, Notes on some Decorated Skeletons from the Mesolithic of Palestine
  • N.G.L.Hammond, The Double Axe in Pre-historic Europe
  • H.Z.Kosay, Disques Solaires mis au jour aux Foulles d’Alaca-Hoyuk
  • W.Lamb, Some West Anatolian Vases at Cambridge
  • H.L.Lorimer, Δίπαλτος
  • Sp.Marinatos, Σιγύνη
  • E.H.Minns, J.L.M.
  • J.D.S.Pendlebury, Lasithi in Ancient Times
  • H.J.Rouse, The First Triad of Nemean I
  • C.F.A. Schaeffer, Sur un Cratere Mycenien de Ras Shamra
  • M.N.Tod, The Greek Acrophonic Numerals
  • A.J.B. Wace, Jericho Tomb 13
  • H.T. Wade-Gery, Themistokles’ Archonship
  • G.M. Young, Six Original Photographs of the Bronze Zeus from Artemisium (Plates 26-30)

From the J.R.Stewart collection

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