The Architecture of Cypriots during British Rule 1878 – 1960



The book presents significant and representative buildings and urban design projects created by the Cypriots during British rule, about which very
little has been published. More specifically, the projects undertaken concern private buildings, like houses, schools, etc..

The previous book by the same author ‘British Colonial Architecture in Cyprus 1878-1960’ won an award for publishing excellence and is now nearly sold out.
The new book is a hardback of 480 pages, 24x30cm and contain about 1000 photographs and drawings. The book is written in plain, easily understood language and explains the development of Cypriot architecture and built environment and the social, economic and political framework at the time and the aspirations of the Cypriots which created it.
Therefore the book is addressed not only to professional architects,engineers and town planners but also to the wider public who is interested to learn more about the Cypriot cultural heritage and its safeguarding for future generations.

The book includes many photographs, old and new

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