The Gangsters


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A Cypriot Novella. Translated from the Greek with an Introduction and Notes by Stathis Gauntlett. At a time when the reunification of Cyprus and Cypriots is thought to be achievable, Lefkios Zafiriou’s highly acclaimed and controversial work of autobiographical fiction ‘The Gangsters’ is more relevant than ever. Set in the now almost mythical times when ordinary Greek and Turkish Cypriots shared the privations of life in a neglected British colony, the novella evokes the destruction of the childish innocence of this world and engages robustly with issues of great sensitivity to all Cypriots, right from its title through to the last words on the final page. This moving story can serve as a starting point for an understanding of the uniquely tortured story of modern Cyprus. The author, Lefkios Zafiriou, is one of the most distinguished members of the so-called ‘Invasionn Generation’ of Cypriot writers, with two state prizes for literature to his credit.

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