The Prophecy and the Templar Scroll



On the eve of a new crusade, Cyprus, the last Christian stronghold in the Levant, is torn apart when the Templars connive against King Henry in favor of his brother Amaury.

The enigmatic Lois, with the assistance of the Seneschal’s scribe, Nicholas, undertakes to spy on Amaury
while a serfs’ rebellion is underway.

The arrest of the Templars in Europe changes the status quo, and the Templars on the island bury some of their possessions, drawing maps with their exact location.

Seven hundred years later, one such map resurfaces in Covent Garden and a treasure hunt begins.

Cyprus 2013. The banks raid their clients’ deposits in the ‘bail-in’. Michael Costa goes to bed a millionaire and wakes up struggling to make ends meet. Unexpected help comes when Lucy Hernandez buys his house. Unbeknownst to them, the location of the house is the X-location on the Templar map.

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