In the year Y2.050K, the Energia spacecraft begins its voyage to Proxima Centauri.

Its architects create the Scientists for Peace Society. Soon after, deceptively menacing messages from alien civilizations mysteriously appear on the clouds. As humanity progresses and regresses in leaps and bounds, the urgency of the alien threats becomes very real and the SPS begins to play a leading role in world affairs.

After two major disasters cause over a billion deaths, democracy is once again relegated to history as humans seek to secure the survival of the species on Earth and beyond.

Will the survival instinct beat politicians’ vanity and people’s propensity to self-destruct?


From the publisher’s Advance Information Sheet:

The book offers a very unique twist to an age-old question: can humanity survive its infancy and mature or will our violent nature take over?

Dimis Michaelides’ text creates a dystopic utopia which masterfully blends two incompatible ideas: peace through repression and violence! It also raises a multitude of serious and pertinent questions on science and superstition, politics and society, democracy and autocracy, philosophy and ethics, nationalism and internationalism. It is set in the not-too-distant future, beginning in the year 2050 and ending in 2200, the title of the book.

Umit Inatci’s artwork is not only beautiful to look at but it has an almost magical allure that draws you in with forms, colors and symbols, looking for hidden messages! As publishers, our stated goal is to bring out unique and thought-provoking fiction. Y2.200K delivers all that and more!

This book appeals to a wide readership, from sci-fi enthusiasts to art-lovers the world over. Its content will resonate with people with convictions on science, religion, politics and ethics. In particular, it will resonate with people concerned about world peace and how this might be achieved. The short and visual nature of the book will also appeal to younger readers.

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