Behind the Mirror: Short Stories and Reflections


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Can you put a price on speaking what you deeply, truly believe in? Or is the voicing of personal belief priceless and fundamental to one’s own development…?

Victor is going through a tumultuous patch of life, so he writes to his friend and brother in arms, Xavier, asking for an open ear and honest opinions. The outspoken correspondence takes off, through which they exchange numerous ideas and stories, and their perspectives gradually expand into ever broader issues.

Set nowhere specific, their writings take them on a ride around a misty stage where the actors are faceless and the scenes nameless. Reality begins to break down, making less sense with every insight gained, and they must inevitably face a grim and insidious shadow that is encroaching on the spirit of life.

Realizing that there are no shortcuts to restitution they begin to understand their predicament and gradually come to terms with one very disturbing fact: the only way to escape the shadow is to actually stand up and walk right through it.

The origins of Minos Papas’ 2015 film of the same name.

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