Cornelia Mittendorfer : green line , evocative of an archeology of desperation and desire



CORNELIA MITTENDORFER uses photography to pose questions about how to perceive and depict traumatic events. Taking Cyprus as an example, green line examines the complexity of one of the violent and still unresolved conflicts of the present day. The focus is on how spaces change, including their repurposing and secularisation during the more than 40 years since the occupation of the North. The photographs are accompanied by portraits of the people who have entrusted their stories to the artist. This work deals not only with destructive power, but also with a resistance to destruction. Together, the photos and essayistic texts create a space that is fragmented yet resonant, where memories echo with fault lines and contradictions.

ROLF SACHSSE follows the common thread of doubling in Mittendorfer’s work to develop his interpretation of the pictures and text. YIANNIS PAPADAKIS locates the conflict in its geopolitical framework.

The thanks of the artist go to all who entrusted their stories to her, to all who agreed to be photographed, to all who supported her in one way or the other and to the scientists of the CMP Anthropological Laboratories.

The Book was kindly supported by Bildrecht GmbH, Land Oberösterreich and Verein Ausstellungshaus für christliche Kunst e.V. Munich.

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