Fettered Independence. Cyprus, 1878-1964 [Complete Set]


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Volume 1: The Narrative

Volume 2: The Documents

+ Map Supplement

  • Volume One. “Seldom can a single historical study successfully accomplish a transformation of political perceptions. But this, for careful readers, is likely to be the outcome of Stella Soulioti’s Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964. Had her book appeared forty years ago, much international misunderstanding about events in or concerning Cyprus would have been dissipated, and the attitudes of States, which in the 1964-1974 decade shaped Cyprus’s downward path, culminating in the Republic of Turkey’s 20 July 1974 invasion of Cyprus, could have been very different. Soulioti’s work is the antithesis of a romantic ‘if only’ view of history. It is comprehensively grounded on a mass of facts, accompanied by analysis and her generally cautious opinions. She describes the conduct and attitudes of the major political players, whether Greek or Turkish Cypriot, or the Government of foreign States at the relevant time involved in Cyprus.”–Cover description by Claire Palley.
  • Volume Two. “The documents in this companion volume to Stella Soulioti’s Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964, come from the author’s personal archive and are published here with her permission. They reflect the passion for details of the first minister of justice of the Republic of Cyprus. They also reflect her sense of history and her concern about preserving a record of the island’s long struggle for independence, and the complex developments during the first years of the republic. This is arguably the most indispensable critical mass of documents collected by a single individual and published in one volume. Besides documenting Stella Soulioti’s narrative, these sources are now accessible to scholars interested in a variety of issues dealing with the Cyprus Question.”–Cover description by Theofanis Stavrou.

Stella Soulioti was a minister of justice (1960-70) in the first Council of Ministers of the newly established Republic of Cyprus under the presidency of Archbishop Makarios, law comissioner (1971-84), and attorney-general of the republic (1984-88). She also served on the Executive Board of UNESCO (1987-91) and as a president of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (1961-2004). Since 1964 she has acted as an advicer to the presidents of the republic on the Cyprus Question in general and, more specifically, on the efforts and negotiations to achieve a federation reuniting Cyprus, which has been divided since the 1974 invasion by Turkey. Stella Soulioti now lives in Limassol, Cyprus.

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