Martial Arts of Cyprus – A Historical Review from the Ancient Times to the 21st Century


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”Martial Arts of Cyprus” is a pioneering and unique book, the first of its kind that describes the ”forgotten” indigenous Cyprus martial arts, how they were created and their evolution up to the 21st century. The book presents a historical background, starting from the prehistoric times and specifically from the Stone Age (10,000 BC) to the present day, describing the main aspects of the history of Cyprus which are connected with the practice of Cypriots with martial arts. In addition, it presents the historical and societal elements that compose the creation of the Cypriot martial arts along with an in-depth analysis of their basic characteristics. Moreover, the book  presents interesting correlations between Cyprus and foreign martial arts. This book is a unique and a fascinating source of information for everyone who is interested in both the history and practice of martial arts in general.

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