Stefanos of Limassol


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Despo is an Australian photographer visiting the island of her birth, Cyprus, a country divided by invasion since 1974. At a traditional celebration in a village in the mountains, Despo sees the slender figure of a man in white. When she glimpses his face, she remembers him. It is Stefanos, who was the boy she loved before she left the island at the age of fourteen.

Stefanos is defined by the women in his life. In the 70s he was the ‘DJ Prince’, in love with Eleni, the most beautiful girl in town. And there is Katya, a young Russian dancer, who wants to marry him. Then there is Margarita, his soul mate, who adored him from the moment he was born, when she was working as a young prostitute, renting rooms at his mother’s house. And living next-door to him, there is the religious Roula, Stefanos’s playmate when they were children.

As Despo and Stefanos unravel their pasts, each tries to understand the meaning of belonging, love, and loss, amidst a distant glimpse of hope for the reunification of the island.

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