THE CYPRUS CRISIS AND THE COLD WAR : USSR duplicity versus US realpolitik (1974-1977)


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This Book openly challenges the prevailing views and official myths in Cyprus about the Soviet Union’s unwavering support of Greek Cypriots.When it was published in Greek in 2014 there was a general outcry. The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Nicosia made a personal attack against the writer in a local newspaper. Greek Cypriot political parties and journalists also went on the offensive accusing the writer of “dynamiting Cyprus’ relations with a powerful, traditional and valuable ally such as Russia”.Based on several years of research, the author explored the role played by the two superpowers in the period leading to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and its aftermath. According to the author, facts did not support the conventional wisdom and that in this period – the height of the cold war – the main objective of Soviet policy was to maintain the major split in NATO caused by the invasion of Turkey and occupation of the northern part of Cyprus.

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