Through The Roadblocks, Realities in Raw Motion – Conference Reader




Gayatri Chakratovotry Spivak
No Definitions For Activism

Tariq Ali
The Future of Europe

Srecko Horvat
War and Peace in Europe : “Bei den Sorglosen” 

George Alexander
I can’t go on, I’ll go on

Nada Shabout
Ghosts of Future Pasts: Iraqi Culture in a State of Suspension

Lanfranco Aceti
Reactions, Inheritance and Memories: Genetic Transmissions of
Trauma through Blood and Neurons

Andreas Panayiotou
The unavoidable but censored wisdom of the border experience

Iannis Zannos
Revisiting Inarticularcy

Ghalya saadawi
“It makes her blind, she said”: Love, Exhaustion and the Roadblock.

Laara Khaldi & Yazan Khalili
Love Letter to a Union

Bern Braunlich
The Utopia Disaster

Dimitris Charitos with Martin Rieser and Daphne Dragona
Constructing hybrid spatial experiences for documenting the narratives of everyday life.

Antonis Danos
Hybrid Landscapes and Soundscapes, and the Ideologies of Border

Caglar Cetin
Trauma as a Political

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