Tolou and the Cats of Paphos


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Written in true Orwellian style and set in in modern day Paphos on the island of Cyprus, this story tells of the threat which faces the animals of the island when rats, escaping from a burning ship in Limassol harbour, colonise and eventually strt to overrun the island. Tolou, the wise she-cat of Paphos, Theo the badly injured stranger from Limassol and Andreas, the leader of the council of cats, are the principal characters. They undergo many adventures before the final soluion is reached and the island is at peace again. Peace is only achieved when Kara, the leader of the snakes and Octavia, the Mother turtle aided by Petros the pelican, join forces with the cats. The destiny of the animals is overseen by the visionary appearance of Saint Helena, who introduced the cats to the island of Cyprus many centuries ago. With illustrations by Marie-Anne Nahas.

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