My Akamas Mandala Colouring Books



The very well received publication entitled ‘My Nicosia Mandala’ Colouring Book, released last year and which introduced the 11 bastions of Nicosia, is followed by a second book in the series of local mandalas entitled ‘My Akamas Mandala’ colouring book.

This is a part of the series ‘My Cyprus Mandala’ and is signed by journalist, author and photographer Melissa Hekkers.

‘My Akamas Mandala’ Colouring Book depicts 11 hand-drawn “mandalas” by Melissa Hekkers and inspired by the shapes and forms of a variety of Akamas endemic local flowers.

Besides the creative entertainment provided through colouring in, for both children and adults, the publication seeks to inform in an interactive and enjoyable manner. The objective is to raise awareness and promote the concept of endemic wildlife as well as the importance of preserving the natural heritage of Akamas.

With the collaboration of the Project and Research Center AKTI and the Forestry Department, the book hosts information, fun facts and characteristics of the local flowers presented as well as fun facts regarding the littering of the sea, a great environmental threat that applies to the Akamas too. Zara Der Arakelian took on the layout and design of the book.

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Weight .148 kg
Dimensions 21 × 23 × .5 cm





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