Book Promotion

Moufflon Bookshop is pleased to co-operate with authors in promoting their books, in exchange for being the book vendors during the event or promotional period. Should the Author wish to hold a book event; the Moufflon bookshop would be able to assist in the following way:

  • Order a suitable quantity and ensure the importation or delivery of the books in time for the event
  • Obtain press-review copies and send them to key local newspapers and periodicals
  • Arrange for the author to be interviewed in the local press
  • Send invitations and announcements about the event to those on the author’s guest list
  • Publicize the event, should the author wish for the general public to be invited
  • Price the books based on publisher’s price and postage/shipping costs, and if possible, based on trade discount offered
  • Return extra copies of books that aren’t sold during the promotional period; can also suggest suitable venues in all the major cities in Cyprus, i.e. Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos
  • If your book event will be supplemented by audio-visual material, we could suggest which venues would be more suitable
  • Commercial venues would be paid for by the author
  • Some archaeological venues which are managed by the government can be used for events; However, Moufflon Bookshop would ask the author for a small fee to cover the time required to negotiate with the management. We can also suggest catering services for the events.